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Television Remote Controls: Understanding Some of the Options

Did you ever stare up in the sky and see an airplane zoom by and wonder how much fun it would be to control one? I did. I still want to become a pilot eventually, but for now I having fun flying my remote control airplane. At first, I admit, it was a challenge to learn how to fly one, remote rolling code but with patience and practice; I learned how to effectively control a remote control airplane. There are many types of remote control airplanes to choose from. To start, buy a cheaper airplane since more than likely, you will crash a few times as you learn how to coordinate yourself.

There are some books, DVDs and software on the Internet that will help you learn how to control one. They will give you a sense of what to expect when you first launch your airplane for the first time. Nothing beats hands-on experience though. Personally I have learn that the hardest part is learning how to control the remote control airplane the way you want regardless of the which way it is facing you. When you are driving a car, you are always facing the front of the car, but with any remote control vehicle, this is not the case. If the remote control airplane is facing directly at you, pushing left on the control stick will move the airplane to your right. Confusing? Yes at first it will be, but always be aware of which way your airplane is flying. If you lose sight of it and cannot determine which way it is facing, it might be too late. When you are first learning, fly the plane at a low height and not too far from you. Again, this bears repeating, always be aware of which way the airplane is facing. That is rule number one of flying an airplane. Another very important tip: Your first few flights should concentrate on trimming the airplane. This means settings the trim control on the airplane so that whenever you are not touching the controls, the airplane is flying straight and level. If you do not perform trimming flight tests, then your remote control airplane flying will be erratic, frustrating and difficult to control. Trust me, I found out the hard way.

When thinking about buying your first one, take into consideration that most of the cheaper airplanes do not have options for modifying the signal frequency of the transmitter. If you see other people flying their remote control airplanes, boats or cars; you might experience random movement of your airplane while it is on because of interference. If this is the case, then go to another park or come by later. You do not want your plane to not respond to you while it is flying away from you. Be aware also that most electronic remote control airplanes have a low flight time of 5-15 minutes. I think the reason for this is that a larger battery with more capacity will weigh too much for the remote control airplane to fly. After choosing a remote control airplane, what I like to do if to buy spare batteries so that I can be flying for at least 30 minutes. Until battery technology improves, this is what electronic remote control airplane hobbyists will have to deal with. Gas powered airplanes are more expensive, bigger and harder to maintain. They are great for the more hardcore crowd out there.

Just remember, the most important part is to have fun while remote control airplane flying. Be patient and do not get frustrated at failing. Practice with the training software available out there. Remember to buy a cheap airplane for your first remote control airplane! Be patient to learn, do not buy a $200 airplane, crash it and then hate the hobby. I had a blast my first time and working my way up to faster remote control airplanes now.