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Finding the Beauty of Music Where You Are!

I recently went on a vacation on vacation to Northern Saskatchewan and was mildly amazed by the level of talent around me. There were musicians everywhere and I didn’t even look. We all believe that Musicians are only found in cities like the “Big Cities”. I discovered that this wasn’t the case.

The first time I attended was an evening on Tuesdays Jam in which everyone got the chance to perform, sing or playing whatever. The moment I arrived, I was expecting to be able to view the standard setup. It was like a sign up sheet and a group of musicians waiting around to get a opportunity to make a name for themselves. I was completely wrong. It’s true I was completely incorrect! There were many senior citizens seated at tables and also a group of senior citizens on the stage. There were two Accordion players, two guitar players as well as a fiddle/banjo player, bass/sax player, and not a single person less than 60. There was no way I could go up there! Song Lyrics

Then I took a seat and I listened. What I heard was astonishing. They played songs from every era one can think of, and from a variety of genres, too. The most impressive aspect was that everybody was dancing. They danced to nearly every music. I began to question my assumptions against their talent and whether I really wanted to be on stage. They invited up an unidentified young woman who was looking to sing, so I took this opportunity to “Sneak” up on stage and be a part of the show.

The bass player (Erma) is a lady aged age 89, was the one who informed me that the leader and I had me sing a few songs. The players were incredible. The person right next to my, Bob who played the violin and was Erma’s Husband was 91 years old. When I played my first tune, the response was amazing. The crowd was more enthusiastic and warm than any crowd I’ve witnessed in the past. The audience was present to listen to MUSIC! It didn’t matter where it originated from, how the music was made, or the person who recorded it. They were only there for one and only one reason that was MUSIC! It was pleasant. I am aware that such experiences are not common, but the main reason I was able to find that in the least unlikely location. A resort located in North Saskatchewan, Canada. The story continues!

The next night I went to an Marina to watch an artist from the area perform. Yes, I said a marina which is where you can keep your boats and apply for fishing licenses. Once again, I was blown by. I also received the warmest greeting from a couple of musicians who were playing in the Jam the evening prior to. Two very unlikely locations to hear music, and I did! The next night, there were three performers on the Lake near the breakwater with amplifiers and all. It was a tough job. Who would have thought I’d step out on the breakwater and see right in front of me was the raft, which actually is two canoes, with a sheet of plywood connecting them. could be there with three performers performing on the plywood.

The point of this article is that no matter where there are people there is Music! Find music in odd locations. Cafes, restaurants resorts, on canoes along the Lake Nearly everywhere! All you need to do is look! Then, discover The Beauty of Music where you are.