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Today's Offer – $75 Off Any Garage Door Repair

Today's Offer – $75 Off Any Garage Door Repair

Today's Offer – $75 Off Any Garage Door Repair


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Why Choose All-in-One Garage Door Repair of San Diego?



San Diego Garage Door Repair Service is an experienced in the garage door company in the  industry. Through and through we will make sure that every job is complete to your satisfaction in a timely manner. Any type of garage door service that you can think of, we can do it. Installations, repairs, and even inspections, our trained  team will have it done in a jiffy.

Why Not Let A Professional Handle It?

Why not let a professional handle all your San Diego garage door needs? They have been properly trained and certified to be able to take on any garage door. Trying to fix or install a garage door yourself can put you at risk of being injured. Especially if you do not know what you are doing, parts of the garage door could fall on you. At the end of it all you could end up spending more money and time trying to fix the mistakes that you have made. You also want to make sure you and your family are safe in your own home. So just give us a shout and a technician will be more than happy to take it from there.

Skilled And Qualified

You will be at ease when you see how skilled our technicians are. They will utilize everything they have learned from their training and put that towards all garage door jobs. We prepare them for every type of garage door problems thy could face and certain weather conditions.

When our technicians go on a job. Their trucks come fully stocked with individual parts that most garage door problems have and quality tools to get the job done. Rest assure all your garage door problems will get fixed.

Maintaining Your Garage Door With Maintenance And Repairs

Keeping up with the maintenance and repairs can exceed the expectations on how long a garage door should last. If a part is starting to wear down just so happens to break. Get it repaired as quick as you can. The longer it stays broken the more damage it could cause. Some of the most common repairs of these:

  • Replacing old drums
  • Aligning your tracks
  • Balancing the door
  • Repairing or replacing openers
  • And so much more...

These are usually the first things to go on a garage door. Simple tasks to huge obstacles, as long as you can keep up with them once one goes out. The longer your garage door will last. If a part has gone out, we can have a tech sent your way as soon as possible.

Fixing A Garage Door Can Be Risky

If you are not trained for this, then I wouldn’t recommend you trying to fix a garage door yourself. Some of these parts can come apart if not installed the right way and fall right on top of you. The door itself weighs a couple hundred pounds and nobody wants that to fall on them.

You also have the torsion springs, which you wouldn’t think could hurt you but the amount of tension that is applied is a lot. If one of those just so happens To slips could cause you or someone else some serious damage. Try giving us a shot and also saving you pain and money in the long haul. We won’t let you down.

These Manufactures Supply Us With The Quality Parts

The parts these manufacturers supply us are made to perfection. Rust resistant and built to last which seems like a lifetime. Who knows what other things these companies could come up with next. Let us give a shout out to some of these manufacturers for a job well done:

  • Wayne Dalton
  • Amarr
  • Guardian
  • Raynor
  • Linear
  • Allstar
  • And more...

The list can on go with many manufacturers out there that we do business with. All of which more than exceed in their craft.

So if your garage door has malfunctioned, we have the parts you need to fix it. Contact us and replace your old broken parts with quality ones.

Fully Stocked

What better way to have a repair done that very same day and not have to worry about waiting weeks for a part to come in. Our warehouse has almost every part you could imagine stocked and prepared to go in your garage door. There are those few times where we would have to order a part in but it would not take forever to come in.

Even our technicians trucks will have a lot of the parts already in them. Most repairs or replacement are typically the same. So it makes it a lot easier when they come prepared if a job needs to be done that very same day.

Business Owners & Homeowners

There is no limit to where we do our business. If you’re a business owner with a garage door problem, we can help you there. During hours or after business hours so we won’t disrupt your customers and employees, we’ve got your back no matter what.

Homeowners will be never left out. Your garage door is the center of your home. When you look at a house the majority of the time the garage door is what stands out. If you Installations, repairs or any other garage door services. Make sure you call us and set up an appointment with one of our customer service representatives.

24/7 Services

Don’t worry about your garage door breaking late at night or anytime for that matter. If you heard of us you already know that we’re available to you 24/7 and even on holidays. You don’t need to go another day worrying about how it’s going to get repaired. Call us right away and we’ll be there ASAP.

If you want quick service then you got it. We’ll have a technician out to you about an hour after the call was placed. Take a look at what’s going on and notify you about would should be done to fix it. Once that is all said and done, your garage door will be working again.

Same Day Service

Say you don’t have an emergency. That’s alright with us. We can still set up an appointment with you to come over the same day if we have an available technician in the area. When you hire us, in return you’ll get:

  • Professional, certified, trained and uniformed technicians
  • Knowledgeable and friendly team members
  • Quality tools and products
  • Quick and efficient service
  • Emergency repair services
  • And many more...

You wouldn’t get that type of service anywhere else. We go above and beyond for our community because they have treat us with so much respect over the years. So no matter what, we won’t let you down.

Our Customers Are #1

Our first concern is making sure you are satisfied with the job our company has completed for you. The best way we can contribute to our community is providing you the best garage door servicing ever. Your garage door is a focal point for your home and if it looks damaged or worn out why not let a company help you make your home look complete again.

Call Us

Choose San Diego Garage Door Repair Service,loving this city and everyone in it. Specializing in all your garage door needs. Available to you all day everyday. There’s no way your garage door won’t get fixed or installed. So pick up that phone and give us a call. We so excited to make new friends!

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Very professional, timely and efficient. The technician who came to do the job, Mike, was a very likeable person. Keep up the excellent work.

-Nem K.


Ryan was able to get the job done quick. Very professional.

-Benny B.


The technicians at Garage Door Services did an excellent job repairing our garage door!

-Sharron H.


The phone center was quick to answer our call on a Sunday afternoon and set up an appointment for that day! Our technician was prompt, pleasant, knowledgeable, and completed the job quickly. Couldn't ask for more!

-Sunny M.


Very prompt and efficient service....great job guys...happy wife ,happy life......

-Daniel S.


My door wouldn't open yesterday so it was recommended by a friend that I call this company. Shane was due to come out at 2 today but called and said he could be here a 1 which was fine with me. He pointed out what was wrong with the rollers and a cracked bracket. I also decided to get a new opener. I felt the cost, with several discounts, was reasonable. My garage door is now VERY QUIET!



Shawn was very professional, very patient and explained the repairs we needed.

-Patricia S.


Amazing response. Had the part(s) on truck and completed the same visit. THANK YOU!!

-Alison C.


Shane did a great job, quick and reduced the price to what met my needs.

-John S.


Same day service. Helped me with choosing multiple discount coupons. Professional, personable. Thank you for a job well done.

-Denise M.

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